sash horns

What are sash horns?

Ever wondered what those little protruding pieces are on a sash window? Well, those discrete components of the sash window are known as sash horns. The sash horn, as you now know, are those short protrusions below the centre bar and were integral components of the sash window dating from 1860 – or one could […]

Customer Services. Surveying Britain’s sash windows.

All staff at count themselves fortunate to be able to visit so many people’s homes across the United Kingdom; we take the privilege earnestly. Being invited into people’s homes is an honour. If we really think about it, it’s a humbling experience. For ourselves, it’s an hour or so of our time, surveying Britain’s […]

Sash windows restoration. A customer inquires.

I had a thought-provoking conversation on the telephone last week with a lady who politely described herself as elderly. For the article, we’ll call her Constance. Constance called from Wimbledon, London, and was asking for a survey to be carried out on several original sash windows. She described her sash windows as draughty with 1970’s […]

Llandudno Conservation Areas. Our work in the town.

Llandudno is one of 23 Conservation Areas in the planning district of Conwy and we’re proud to play our part in this region once more, as work begins in Llandudno on an ex promenade view hotel. The house, going through a huge renovation project, is set to become one of the region’s architectural flag flyers. Outside […]

Wooden windows. Protection by paint.

Wooden windows require solid protection from the elements. No surprise there, then. Nor will it come as any great surprise that protecting one’s wooden windows is of the highest importance when you consider them as a financial asset; and they are a financial asset! Nor will it be a revelation to say that, unlike our […]

Sash windows – why they need saving

Sash windows and casement windows bring priceless benefits to homes and urban landscapes. They upgrade the places where we work, live and socialise. In fact, if we sit back for a moment and really think about the areas where we feel emotionally content and happy, it’s highly likely that somewhere in our thoughts will reside […]

Chester Railway Station, Sash windows & Bespoke Doors

Sash window restorations at Chester Railway Station

Chester Railway Station was designed by the railway architect Francis Thompson, C.H Wild and, of course, some commanding involvement by the great civil engineer, Robert Stephenson. The station was built in 1847/8 using Staffordshire blue brick and pale grey Storeton sandstone. Like many buildings of the period, it was Italianate in its style – recognisable […]

History of the sash window

Although the horizontal sliding window was in place in England during the end of the 16th Century – Elizabethan and Jacobean 1560-1660 period – it wasn’t until the Restoration House Style of 1660-1714 which gave rise to the sash window in the United Kingdom. The exact timing of the sash window isn’t precise, but one […]

Llandudno - IHBC 2011

IHBC Annual School 2011 Llandudno will be exhibiting at the Institute of Historic Building Conservation Annual School on 16th-18th June 2011 in Llandudno. This year’s School looks at the challenge of conservation in uncertain times and examines ways in which we can respond positively. The School will provide the opportunity to hear about current initiatives and new approaches, to […]