period property planning permission

Recent prosecution highlights need for period property planning permission

A recent high-profile planning prosecution case has caught our eye… A 600-year-old Grade II-listed property in Hellingly, Sussex underwent illegal changes by its former owners Councillor Barby Dashwood-Morris and her ex partner Alan Proudfoot. The changes included the creation of a full height entrance hall through the removal of ceilings, joists, beams and partitions, destroying […]

replacement sash windows

Customer Case Study: Replacement Sash Windows Stafford

Derek and Ginny Evans of Stafford, live in a Victorian house, built in the 1870s. The windows of the property have been repaired many times, but cracks had started appearing in many of the joints, and in recent years the top part of the sash windows had been painted shut making them unusable. Situated on […]

Georgian sash window specialists

Georgian sash window specialists

London, the world’s capital of ridiculous glass buildings, eye-sores and overpriced… well everything. But before our capital was the ultra-metropolitan global city it is today, it was a huge conglomerate of different architectural styles and buildings. Some of the most beautiful and iconic of these buildings are still popular today, even with all the modern […]

Specialist Sash Window Joiners

Specialist Sash Window Joiners Apprenticeship Programme is embarking on an ambitious apprenticeship scheme following a successful Apprentice Open Assessment day. The Stockport headquartered business, which provides restoration, double glazing and replacement of sash and casement windows to period properties, is looking to expand its team of specialist joiners. The sensitive and painstaking task of period property, listed building and conservation […]

Preserving sash windows

Preserving sash windows and architectural heritage

Cheshire is one of the most beautiful counties in England, with a rich history dating back over 2000 years. This is something that is clearly on display in Chester. Chester is arguably the richest city in Britain for archaeological and architectural treasures preserved to this day from the time of the Roman occupation. The two-mile […]

sash window repairs

A brief history of windows in Britain

Across the country our historic towns and villages record a detailed history of architectural development. One of the easiest ways to tell which era a specific building is from is by looking at the building’s windows. The earliest windows were essentially very small apertures in a wall; imagine the windows you see in a medieval […]

renovating a listed building

Things to consider when renovating a listed building

When thinking about renovating a house, one of the first considerations is planning and approval. This can be particularly difficult depending on the age of your home and especially if it is a Listed Building. If you own a Listed Building it is your responsibility to maintain its aesthetic to ensure the architectural heritage is […]

crescent building

Architectural styles and history in Bath

Bath is one of the country’s most well recognised cities for historic and memorable architecture. The city attracts a huge number of tourists year on year. Due to such architectural history, Bath was made a World Heritage Site in 1987. It is the only city in the country to receive World Heritage Status boosting its […]

Bristol sash windows

The revitalisation of Bristol’s properties

Bristol is one of the wealthiest and happiest places in England. It’s a city of rich history, diverse culture and always a hub of activity. It is no surprise then that over the past few years the city has seen a resurgence in home ownership and development. This has led to many of the older […]

Guildford sash windows

Guildford’s heritage and its windows

Guildford and Surrey, in general, is full of rich English heritage. This heritage is sustained through the county’s architecture. Whether you’re looking at Guildford’s iconic cobbled high street or the aged Abbots hospital you’d be pressed to disagree. However, it isn’t just the landmarks that maintain the thoroughly English heritage; it’s every building in the […]