Casement Window Restoration

Casement Windows: Restoration – Double Glazing – Replacement

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from £125 per window

With over 15 years restoration experience and many casement windows restored, we think we’ve perfected the art of casement window restoration. Our restoration process and associated benefits are industry leading. With prices starting at £125 per window, restoring your casement windows can be both preferential and economical.

the process

Picture25– Assess condition of sill, frame and external pointing
– Remove excess paint from frame and effect repairs as necessary
– Refurbish all opening sashes as follows;
Install concealed draught-proof system
Re-fit casement opener (the sash)
Effect any repairs necessary and service hinges to enable opening
Fit new window furniture

Picture27– Repair any damaged putty where necessary
– Ensure seal between existing window and brickwork is watertight, repairing as necessary
– Prime all exposed woodwork, where necessary, leaving the window ready to decorate
– Full operational demonstration
– Full painting service available

the benefits

– Maintaining and restoring original features will add value to a property
– Virtual draught elimination and reduced external noise
– Significantly reduced heat loss and improved energy efficiency
– Smooth operation of all casement openers (sashes)
– Minimisation of dirt ingress and dust
– All work is FENSA registered and guaranteed for 5 years with the option to insurance back
– Tidiness, cleanliness and removal of all rubbish is guaranteed

potential repairs

Where a casement window is particularly rotten, it may be necessary to effect some of the following repairs. The extent of repair work required for each window will be identified during the initial survey. However, where access is limited this may not always be possible.

sill or frame replacement

Picture28Any rotten elements of the casement frame will be fully replaced with profile matched hardwood section and treated with wet rot, dry rot and wood preservative. We always avoid splice and fill repairs as these reduce the life of the window and increase the frequency of re-paints. The complete repair will be re-pointed (using either mortar or frame sealant depending on the clients preference) and all timber primed. All repairs are guaranteed for 5 years.

replacement casement sash

Where a casement sash is beyond repair, we will manufacture a replica ensuring the inner mould, section profiles and any glazing bars all match. This repair is guaranteed for 5 years.

replacement glazing

Replacement glazing will meet all current building regulations. It will be fitted using putty unless otherwise specified by the client.

repairs to internal sills, mullions, moulding and architrave

In rare cases of extensive rot it may be necessary to replace or splice various sections of internal sill, mullions, panelling, moulding, architrave, etc.  It is possible for us to exactly match any profile where replacement or partial replacement is necessary.


  1. Hi, we have an old house with metal Crickle windows which are leaking with heavy rain and need some attention. Also keen to enquire about cost and ideas for secondary glazing.

    Thank you
    Janet Baines

    • Hi Janet,

      this is certainly something we could help with. Please contact the office so we can discuss the options with you in more detail and potentially arrange a free survey.

      Rob Dixon.

  2. We want to replace single glazed casement and fixed Windows, as well as existing patio doors, on the rear of our 1920’s house. New double glazing needed as rear is north facing, but want to retain existing frames.

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