Used to separate the two pieces of glass in an insulating glass panel.

Sash Width

Horizontal measurement across the face of a sash.


Jigs are used to hold pieces of wood in place or as a guide whilst constructing the piece. A vastly used piece of equipment in woodwork, carpentry, joinery and other related fields of work.


The grain refers to the alignment of fibres found on a piece of wood. Different grains have varying levels of roughness. Which plays a part in soft and hard woods. As well as other properties and characteristics.


Much like the function of a sash weight. A make-weight essentially provides further weight to support the sash box. The requirement for make-weight can occur should the lower and higher sash boxes be fitted with glazing units for restoration purposes for example, meaning the original weight can no longer support these new sash boxes.

Sash Window Lintel

A sash window lintel is the structural horizontal support used to span the window opening in your wall or between two vertical supports. It is frequently used over both sash windows and doors, both of which represent vulnerable points in a building’s structure. Lintels are generally used for load-bearing purposes, but they can also be […]

Listed Building

Listing marks and celebrates a building’s special architectural and historic interest, and also brings it under the consideration of the planning system, so that it can be protected for future generations. The older a building is, the more likely it is to be listed. All buildings built before 1700 which survive in anything like their […]

Argon Gas (Glazing filler)

The most common gas used to fill the empty space in a double glazing unit. This gas provides far better heating insulation than standard air. Which can be provided within our sash windows.

Sash Horn or Joggle

A decorative extension of the bottom rail of a sash. The sash horn, as you now know, are those short protrusions below the centre bar and were integral components of the sash window dating from 1860 – or Mid-Victorian Period. From the Mid-Victorian Period, houses usually had two panes of glass in each sash. However, the […]


The rope-like material that attaches the weights to the sash via the pulley.