Sash Horn or Joggle

sash window hornsA decorative extension of the bottom rail of a sash. The sash horn, as you now know, are those short protrusions below the centre bar and were integral components of the sash window dating from 1860 – or Mid-Victorian Period.

From the Mid-Victorian Period, houses usually had two panes of glass in each sash. However, the finest houses had just a single one pane, in doing so, the glazing bar (the wood holding in place each pane of glass) from the sash, was removed.

Without the glazing bar, the frame became weak, so along came these short protrusions that were added to make the joints stronger. Hence, the beginning of those little items known as horns. Those little sash horns were Victorian engineering.

In period property restoration, the sash horn can be an essential component for maintaining period integrity. 

So, whilst these little items are discrete, they hold a wealth of information and history; usually quite beautiful and unique. As sash window specialists, we take them very seriously. On measures, we can be spotted with a pencil and paper, tracing around those little sash horns; we even go to lengths of taking horn details from neighbouring properties from where we’re working!

A short extension of the sash stiles beyond the meeting rails to strengthen the joint. joggles are not necessarily needed with today’s capabilities, but they are often sought after due to the traditional style of the design.

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