No photographs on our site are from third party sources or alternative websites – or feature other people’s work – so we’re reliant on members of our staff taking them out in the field. Naturally our staff taking these pictures are joiners and not professional photographers, so at times the image quality may not be as good as we’d like, but we hope that you enjoy what you see.

1 8 7 Picture13 6 Casment New 3 4 5 edgar-house images download (1) download Picture6 Picture5 Picture3 Picture4 a 1 Sash Window Refurbishment (inside view) Sash Window Refurbishment with stained glass Picture17 Picture20 Picture22 b OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 1742 1758 1753 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 3 2 Picture21 Picture28 Picture25 Picture27 Picture26 Picture23 Picture24 Picture19 Picture16 Picture15 Picture12 Picture11 Picture9 Picture8 Picture7 Picture1 Casment New 1 casement-windows Casement Restoration 3 Casement Restoration 2 Casement Restoration 1 Glossop Shop Frontage Chester Railway Station, Sash windows & Bespoke Doors joinery-workshop-leeds Chester Railway Station, Sash windows & Bespoke Doors Chester Railway Station, Sash Windows & Bespoke Doors Chester Railway Station, Sash windows & Bespoke Doors Coach House, Bespoke Door & Frame, Disley wooden-doors Picture15 Casment New 2 The Coach House, Disley, Internal Bespoke Door Casement Window Refurbishment, Double Glazed Casement Double Glazed Windows, Chorlton Casement Window Double Glazed, Chorlton Derby Roundhouse Frames Stockport Image0371 Image0350 Bespoke Door & Frame, Bollington OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sash-windows Double Glazed Sash Window Refurbishment and a new bespoke timber front door in a conservation area Bespoke Oak Door & Frame Image0068 Bespoke Staircase 1 Bespoke Staircase 4 Bespoke Staircase 3 Bespoke Staircase 2 Llamedos Cafe, New Mills Revive, New Mills Fountain Bathrooms, New Mills OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA sash window horns Picture29 Sash Window Draft Proofing DG 2 Sash Window Draft Proofing DG 1

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