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Customer Case Study: Replacement Sash Windows Stafford

Derek and Ginny Evans of Stafford, live in a Victorian house, built in the 1870s. The windows of the property have been repaired many times, but cracks had started appearing in many of the joints, and in recent years the top part of the sash windows had been painted shut making them unusable.

Situated on a main ‘A’ road, just one mile from the M6 motorway, lots of traffic passes the property and noise pollution had become a problem. The house was also suffering from draughts due to the old, rotting, single paned windows, making living conditions uncomfortable.

The Evans’ initially contacted a couple of years ago when Ginny Evans had seen some of our fitters and painters working on-site at a church near to where she worked. She was impressed by their work and spoke to George Rushbury, one of our painters, about a quote for doing their windows. George gave her the office number and Derek Evans got in touch. So that a free, no obligation quotation could be prepared, a site visit to their home was arranged. During the visit it was identified that many of the windows would need replacing before any painting could take place. Mr & Mrs Evans were provided with a comprehensive quote.

Due the size of the property and number of windows that required attention, a couple of years passed before the Evans’ decided to get the work done. During that time the windows continued to deteriorate and then last summer (2016) the Evans’ had had enough and spoke to a few local glaziers and collected some more quotes. Project Manager Mike Brady got in touch again at around the same time. He had been working on a large commercial project nearby and decided to contact those in the area they had previously provided quotes for but hadn’t received an order from.

A revised quote was generated and Derek and Ginny decided to go ahead with the work, which took place in July and August 2016. 15 windows were replaced in total; 11 replacement sash windows and four replacement bay windows.

A painter who knows what he’s doing!

The Evans’ describe the experience as a positive and favourable one. Derek Evans stresses how helpful Mike Brady and Clare Whittam were throughout the job and their superb customer service, keeping them informed all the way about work schedules and progress. Derek also commented that the lads on site – given that they are workmen – were very clean and tidied up at the end of each day, respecting that their workplace was someone else’s home.

“We were really pleased with the work George did, and his assistant. We are so pleased with the work he did that we are intent on having him back to do some extra work when we have some money! We’ve had so many painters here who’ve just not bothered to deal with the sash windows properly that it’s made a world of difference to have a painter who knows what he’s doing. We have been really pleased with the quality of George’s work.”

Almost immediately the Evans’ noticed a massive improvement,

“The quality of the windows are superb and the noise reduction and warmth added to the whole property is wonderful”, said Derek Evans.

The Evans’ see the work as an investment and have no doubts the replacement sash windows will have added value to their property.

Derek Evans said he wouldn’t hesitate to recommend,

“Rest assured, if we had any more windows to replace, we wouldn’t hesitate to have them done by you!”

Does this sound like your home? Have your original period windows started to feel the test of time? Please contact us for a no obligation quote to restore, double glaze and/or replace your sash or casement windows. If you live a Listed Building or Conservation Area, our work meets planning regulations and we can help you with the necessary planning paperwork required by your local authority.

Please call 0333 6000 196 or email Alternatively you can complete the ‘Request a Survey‘ form or use the ‘Please Call Me Back’ form on the top right of this page.

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