Customer Services. Surveying Britain’s sash windows.

All staff at count themselves fortunate to be able to visit so many people’s homes across the United Kingdom; we take the privilege earnestly.

Being invited into people’s homes is an honour. If we really think about it, it’s a humbling experience. For ourselves, it’s an hour or so of our time, surveying Britain’s invaluable and usually beautiful sash windows or casement windows in need of restoration, replacement, or both.

Requests for surveys range from owner’s of the established Victorian terrace, to the grand Listed Building, which from the outside, all have their individual beauty – the Victorian with its large sash windows and Georgian with its sash windows made up of many lights – their internal substance, quite rightly, hides their owner’s private belongings, shared only with the ones they trust.

For the home-owner, our survey is an hour or more of their time, plus an immense level of their trust and faith, which in many cases requires some levels of personal strength. The home-owner, after all, reveals to us those private belongings! This can have a high emotional cost. I know this myself, as my wife and I have invited people into our own home on many occasions to mixed results. We are all people here after all and we work hard to “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.

Although we visit your home, the customer journey begins on our website, and even though we don’t say it, we all thank you for inviting us into your home. Now, our survey days are limited to twice a week in each area – i.e. Leeds, Manchester, London and Bristol each have two days a week. So, if you live in Harrogate, Didsbury, Highgate or Widdecombe Hill for instance, on two days a week, our joiners from each of these branches travel to meet you.

Apart from our reassuringly high level of referrals, most enquiries emerge from online sources, so on many instances, we are strangers from the Internet, but we promise you that our intentions are towards providing you with a polite, and level of service.

So for the record, we explicitly only send joiners to survey your property. To us this is highly important. Our joiners are highly trained in joinery and customer service, all your questions are best answered by joiners on the spot, as opposed to salesmen providing you with onerous information to grab the sale, which is sadly often the case. Feel free to ask us any questions. Our joiners always assume that our shoes come off, or that foot protection goes on, it’s your call. We call you if we’re going to be a little late, conversely we’ll call you if we’re going to be a little early.

We’re a young, successful, British company, and we work extremely hard to build high standards of customer service, we try hard to avoid glitches. We really do value your feedback, please feel free to call with it or click here to arrange your own free survey

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