Glossop Shop Frontage

Glossop beats the High Street gloom with shop frontage

Glossop town centre is thriving.  With all of the recent press and debate regarding the state of our town’s high streets, this is a real good news story.

Figures produced by Channel 4 claim 1 in 6 shops across the UK lies empty. In Glossop, this figure is closer to only 1 in 30.

Charity shops and discount stores in Glossop amount only to a small portion of this figure. The clear majority being made up of an independent toyshop – rare in itself – an award winning butcher, greengrocers, baby supplies, home wares, independent pubs, coffee shops, delicatessens, restaurants and chocolatiers, the list goes on.

Naturally there are a few branded stores, bookmakers, building societies and the like, but why, or how, has Glossop bucked this trend, given that three years’ ago the bleak statistics may have been applied?

Well, it’s not so much that Glossop is an affluent town, far from it. But affluence doesn’t play a key role anyway. There are many affluent towns that can’t seem to ever get it right.

Glossop has, however, reacted to needs and basic capitalism has prevailed against the large in-town Tesco. People have taken risks, negotiated rents, and opened stores. But the secret, I believe, is shop frontage and conservation; as a result it’s working. They do appear unique and people do clearly like to browse between them.

One shop close to our own business and is very much unique is a stove shop – although it has been there for a great many years, it’s a great example of traditional shop-frontage, a million miles from the generic, familiar branded and vacuous stores many town centres seem to drown from.

We are, of course, happy to have played our part, with a re-designed, made and fitted classic double-glazed timber shop frontage, including windows and doors. Secured by High Peak conservation and planning approval, and to nick a strap line from Tescos. Every little helps!

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  1. So nice to see people appreciate our efforts in keeping our stove shop front very traditional , the old tram tracks from George Street were used in the construction of the shop and are visible in the main show room .
    Come and visit us Wed-Sat 9:30 -5:00
    We only fit stoves within our local area

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