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Customer Case Study: Making Victorian windows look great again!

When Jess Criswell looked out of her window to her neighbour’s house across the road one day last year, she realised she’d found what she was looking for…

victorian windows“We have a lovely Victorian house in Sale, Manchester and, it may sound strange, but I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about windows. In a house like this it’s important they look right for the period – and across the road I could see they were having their windows done in the way I wanted ours doing.”

Jess had approached several companies for quotes but she hadn’t been impressed. “I had a very specific idea of what we needed and there didn’t seem to be an understanding of that – until I spoke with my neighbours and they recommended As soon as Tony from arrived at our home it was obvious he was very knowledgeable and wanted to help us find the best solution for our windows.”

One of the most important things for Jess was that offered an exact replica of the original Victorian windows. Even better, unlike other companies, Tony was able to show Jess how only the sashes needed replacing, not the whole window – so the price was good too. “I was convinced by the way Tony explained things that would do a good job and listen to what I as the customer wanted, rather than trying to fit me into a set pattern. I was confident they were the people to employ.”

victorian windowsWhen Chris and his team arrived on site a couple of months later she knew she’d made the correct decision. “They were really pleasant and considerate – putting dust sheets down and clearing the room up after they’d finished. And above all, they did a fantastic job with the windows.”

Jess has already recommended to other people – and in the ultimate sign of how highly she rates our work, she can’t wait to have us return later this year. “We have a upvc conservatory that’s integrated into the house and we want it replacing with something more traditional as part of a renovation of the kitchen. This time have been in at the start and given us good ideas and guidance. I’m looking forward to their ideas being put into practice – it will make our home look just right.”

If you have been inspired by Jess’ story and would like a quote or some advice on your Victorian windows, sash window specialists would be delighted to hear from you and offer you a no obligation quote. Please call us on 0161 428 5525 or email

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