Sash windows restoration. A customer inquires.

I had a thought-provoking conversation on the telephone last week with a lady who politely described herself as elderly. For the article, we’ll call her Constance.

Constance called from Wimbledon, London, and was asking for a survey to be carried out on several original sash windows. She described her sash windows as draughty with 1970’s single glaze, and with sills – pointed out by a handy man – to be incorrectly positioned, laying horizontal and letting in water.

After a lengthy and enjoyable conversation, she suddenly pointed out her fears with a straight forward question.

“What will happen about you blocking up the hole in the wall as you mend my sash windows, how long will it be cold and insecure for”?

Of course, I explained that should she choose to go ahead with the work on her home, then we’d come back to take the very precise measurements that are needed to make her new sashes by scratch, and that we don’t have sash windows as shelf products and no hole would be left for any time at all.

In fact, for restorations only, we do the work on site, by day.

Her next comments, other than those expressing relief and delight were, “You needed to explain this on your website” and that “Many people would equally have the very same concerns”.

She was right, of course, and we were wrong. We were wrong to assume that customers would know off-hand our process of sash window restoration. I guess you take some things as a given when you’re close to them?

Constance, lovely to speak to you, and thank you for the advising us to pass on your thoughts in our communications to others and, for all who are reading, let this article please provide warmth and assurance to you that the process of our sash window restoration, whether double glazed or refurbishments, what we remove in a day we replace in a day – finished.

So, for clarity, here are our stages in point form:

  • All our sash windows are made from scratch, no off the shelf product exists.
  • Our windows are designed to mirror exactly your existing windows, or with our advise, are designed to restore the building’s true heritage and fenestration by build date.
  • New sash windows are made from the highly accurate measurements taken in your home.
  • Joinery orders are taken from these measurements and the craftsmanship begins.
  • All our sash windows come with new cords, weights, new glazing – as per the customer’s requirements – and prime-painted.
  • When the new sashes are near completion, we provide you with a provisional fitting date, to be later firmed-up at your convenience.
  • Your home around the work place is fully protected. As was the case during our survey, shoe protectors are worn – by the very person who did your survey – and work begins removing the old and replacing with the new.
  • Your new sash windows are tested, checked over and signed off.
  • Your new sash windows look beautiful.

In short, no hole is left in your wall for longer than (the same day) it takes us to replace your old with a beautiful, new, draught proof, double glazed sash window.

Constance, look out for a page coming soon dedicated to our conversation with each other, and thank you for calling – regardless of whether we get to restore your London home.

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