Wooden windows. Protection by paint.

Wooden windows require solid protection from the elements. No surprise there, then.

Nor will it come as any great surprise that protecting one’s wooden windows is of the highest importance when you consider them as a financial asset; and they are a financial asset!

Nor will it be a revelation to say that, unlike our very distant relation, the plastic window, wooden windows can last and remain beautiful for a great many decades.

Although they require periodic care, wooden windows can be maintained quite easily in the right hands and look as good as the day they were installed.

Those who do have our windows installed, either as window restorations or replacements, may well have chosen our painting service and will know that with it, we supplied a seamless warranty on painting, which means that between the painter and joineryworkshop.com we guaranteed a hassle free, professional service from a painter who knows exactly what to do, in which order and, with which materials.

Timber is, after all, an organic product. It breathes, moves, absorbs and discharges humidity. The right materials and treatments are crucial, and choosing our painter means you choose our knowledge of the right products to care for your wood.

We sleep tight (on behalf of you, our customers) in the knowledge that our painters don’t stick your wooden windows together, or paint over your new draft proofing or your glass.

We rest easy on your behalf that our painters apply your window furniture exactly where you wanted it – straight – and that your house will be left in the same perfect condition as it was when we entered it.

The choice of course is yours, but either way, we invite you to relax in the knowledge that yoursashwindows.com provide you with the maximum protection for your investment without the hassle and uncertainty of you personally looking in the trade press for an unknown quantity.

So, guaranteed in build and guaranteed in finish, your wooden windows will be stunning in build, stunning in finish and resilient in protection, and we’ll all sleep well.

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