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News and advice on how to restore your sash windows, casement windows as well as your bespoke doors. We cover everything from repair, restoration and replacement through to how to double glaze your windows without losing their character.

We also offer guidance on the rules and regulations in different conservation areas and review some of the restoration projects we have worked on around the UK.

Bristol sash windows

The revitalisation of Bristol’s properties

Bristol is one of the wealthiest and happiest places in England. It’s a city of rich history, diverse culture and always a hub of activity. It is no surprise then that over the past few years the city has seen a resurgence in home ownership and development. This has led to many of the older […]

Guildford sash windows

Guildford’s heritage and its windows

Guildford and Surrey, in general, is full of rich English heritage. This heritage is sustained through the county’s architecture. Whether you’re looking at Guildford’s iconic cobbled high street or the aged Abbots hospital you’d be pressed to disagree. However, it isn’t just the landmarks that maintain the thoroughly English heritage; it’s every building in the […]

North Yorkshire Listed Buildings

Preserving the heritage of North Yorkshire

In 21st century Britain we live in a society rich with influence and heritage from our glorious past. Part of this precious heritage includes historical buildings, estates and even entire villages. Old churches, houses and civic buildings are valued by tourists and citizens alike. The understanding of their importance is growing and local authorities all […]

liverpool heritage buildings

Liverpool Heritage Buildings and Architecture

During the peak of the British Empire Liverpool was the second city of the United Kingdom, behind London. In the late 19th century it was the international centre for maritime commerce and the city benefited greatly from the influx of wealth from all over the world. Liverpool may not be the centre of international trade […]

cheshire east conservation area

The role of conservation areas in preserving our heritage: the case of Cheshire East Council

Time leaves us immeasurable treasures that adorn our beautiful cities and landscapes. Whether it’s a building, a monument or an estate, the heritage that comes from centuries of architecture, culture and industry give our country its unique character. Promoting the value of our historic properties is the first step in ensuring we all understand the […]

restoring sash windows

Common Problems with Sash Windows

Sash windows are a common sight on many UK properties and help give them a “traditionally British” appearance. However, they do require maintenance to keep them looking at their best, especially when it comes to older buildings that still retain their original windows. Restoring sash windows can be performed in a number of different ways. We […]